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Accelerate Link Building Membership
£267 per month

To set the scene if this is your first visit to Overtake. Our speciality is, technical link building for UK and US members that seek quality and authorative link building services. 

Our members enjoy authority link building opportunities completed on their behalf as a done for you (DFU) service.

DA 20+ link building
DA 30+ link building
DA 40+ link building
DA 50+ link building
DA 60+link building

Accelerate link building is not for everyone. It is specifically positioned to help your business / website ‘catch up’ to a digital competitor. Often you will require On Page optimisation to work in conjunction with Accelerate link building.


Using DA to measure

How it works

Joining Accelerate means that you can stop struggling to build links to your website, our team build high quality manual links to your website for you based on your link profilewebsite categorisation, service category and peers.

This is a technical service, so to this end, we take care of the complexities of this service, you simply tell us a number of keywords and phrases to consider using as anchor text and we’ll manually apply these along with a variety of link descriptions to normalise link building activity.

The majority of our Accelerate members have already gained a small number of incoming links or are serious about getting search engine results faster through making their web pages more authoritative. We track progress with alternative databases such as Majestic to track progress of link building velocity and quality using the metric of Trust Flow.

link building progression

You get 

  • Continuous link building
  • Do Follow links (if we see an unnatural balance we’ll build no follow links as well)
  • Monthly report of new links built
  • Simple visualisation of your Domain Authority (DA, moz)

What you can expect

You will receive typically 10 – 50 links per month. This is a similar amount to the volume of links you will receive in our Ignition service, however these links as described are typiaclly more authorative (better quality mesured by Domain Authority (DA) and Trust Flow (TF) ), the Accelerate sevices are aimed towards increasing overall visibility against specific competitors.

With a continual flow of new links coming to your website and to internal pages that are already trusted by search engines you can expect to see your domain authority increase substantially over a 3 – 12 month period.

If you’ve found that competitors have overtaken you in search engine rankings this is the vehicle you’ll need to start wining back search engine rankings and accelarating your digital results.

With numbers of DA10 – DA60 links to your website it will not take long to ignite serious search engine rankings. This service is ideal for websites such as :

  • New websites just launched which need a comprehensive link building plan
  • Websites that have lost search engine rankings (not because of penalties and poor content)
  • Small business websites including e.g. accountants, bookkeepers, personal trainers, virtual assistants etc
  • Small brick and mortar businesses that want to boost their local authority for local link building
  • Web owners who have smaller budgets but want a continuous link building leadership
  • Yes, we work with agencies that need link building for their clients

Why Accelerate?

Accelerate link building is not for everyone, it is specifically positioned to help your business / website ‘catch up’ to a competitor or compeitors. We’ll need to know from you who your digital competitors are, not those who are competing against your business ‘offline’ , in most scenarios digital competitors tend to be not who you think they are. We’ll help you understand which keywords hold commercial value, and which keywords hold search engine traffic from there we’ll be able to devise a link building plan to accelerate your online visibility.

Why does this service only aim to create a relatively small number of links each month?

Gone is the time, for mass link building and not caring. Through respectful, careful and strategic link building comes the rewards of link authority, we would prefer our members to have a natural link profile rather than hundreds or thousands of DA05 links.


Is there a minimum membership term

No, there is no long contract, simply month to month. Please be aware that if you cancel your membership we cannot guarantee access again, Accelerate fills up quickly for its quality vs pricing level. You can cancel your subscription at any time but be aware we do not provide full or partial refunds for cancellations.

Can I ask for specific links

We know you don’t need another “partner” but we don’t want to be a seen just as a “vendor”, so we see ourselves as ‘wise council’.

To this end, please let us know where you feel you need link building attention the most. But we’ll take leadership to the type of links, (contextual, editorial, blog, forum, post, page, image etc) needed and do our best to deliver a natural link building profile that sculpts your domain authority, as we’d like you to benefit the most.

Also, to confirm we don’t get involved with non English, gambling, illegal or anything generally not cool. If in doubt just use our contact form or read our terms, before joining.  

How many links per month

Each membership level has a different deliverable. This member service is aimed towards quality and thoughtful link building rather than thousands of worthless junk link, if you want that, head on over to fiverr. You may find that you’ll only receive ten links (on our lowest level of membership, but these are going to likely include IP / GEO consideration, categorisation and become part of a natural link profile. For members that choose higher membership levels you’ll receive much, much more and higher DA and PA link building, we have obtained DA90+ links for our members.  

Its not about the quantity, its about the quality.

How quick are results

Pretty quick.

But it depends on what your aspirations are, and also what you’ve done prior to joining (have you had naughty penalties in the past?) and the state of your ON PAGE and content. 

Seriously, expect results to be seen in 30-90 days, these can be dramatic or steady it will always depend on your where you are on your digital journey.

I’ve been reminded to also include a mention about link dampening. These days we find that outside of all links not being treated equally, that extra juicy links are dampened, in that to see fuller SEO values from certain link building activities a web page and its content including OBL (outbound links) need to survive for a certain amount of time before these count as trusted links. 

Refund and upgrades

We don’t do refunds as a membership service we will already have planned workflow for your website. There is a lot of work that goes into delivering member services, for this reason we don’t offer full or part refunds. Our terms are here. 

If you want to upgrade from a lower level membership to a higher level.

– we do this at the end of your billing cycle.
– It’s not always possible if the next higher level is full.
– we’ll always offer openings to you, our existing members before the waiting list

if you want to downgrade from a higher level membership to a lower level.
– we do this at the end of your billing cycle. 

Do you guarantee a page 1?

Nope. We and we don’t think it’s right offer any guarantee, at this stage we don’t know who you are and anything about your business / website / organisation.

You can ask us about bespoke project work though, we’d be interested to help existing members with any digital problems they have. 



We close membership down so quality is maintained. We open membership up again when and if members leave. 

The Accelerate and Overtake memberships can be hard to get into at times due to members staying for long periods. 

Typically, if you are on a waiting list for Accelerate or Overtake, allow on average three months before we grow our resource team or a space opens up. Join the waiting lists here for Accelerate and here fr Overtake. 

Let’s make it happen

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