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Your Google my Business (GmB) account is your hidden advantage. If used correctly your business can be found on Page one of Google before the organic search engine results. Priortised for mobile users, GmB listings are given maximum priority to localised search. All you need is to find someone to help you take the one of the top listing positions. This is where we come in.

Better local pack listings

Overtake will manage your Google my Business account for a small monthly service fee. No long contracts and easy read reporting provided.

you are In google maps.But you aren't...

Google removes weaker Maps listings from the results it serves.  Its called POSSUM filter. This is why internet users (your customers) do not see ten, twenty, or fifty local businesses on map results pages.

Time to get an edge, with professional Google my Business help?


just three businesses

Googles Local Listings is called a Three Pack. This displays a maximum of three local business based on proximity, relevance and authority. Want to be seen here?

100's competing for Maps & Local Pack

10+ pages of results for Google Maps, though only a handful are displayed. See the opportunity for your business here?

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We help you grow your business

Overtake becomes a manager of your Google my Business account, after which we can then help your business get better visibility, more phone calls, leads, sales or footfall. 

Getting started is really easy, you can ask us for a no obligation proposal or if you are ready to get started you can purchase this service online.

  • There’s no long contract, cancel at anytime
  • Low monthly fixed service price
  • Start seeing results in 6 – 8 weeks

You’ll get monthly reporting so you’ll know exactly how many visits, phone calls, and web traffic has come from your Google my Business account.


We help all types of local business owners with their online visibility

Free proposal, no obligation

Get a free proposal, we’ll show you how we help small businesses get better results from Google my Business and Google Maps.

Service areas and multi locations

Overtake work with one business per sector per town. This means that if we are already working with your competitor in your town we cannot work with you. 

We work with all types of small businesses and and also multi location businesses or brands, and if you have multiple locations…contact us and ask for corporate pricing.